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Success Stories - a Photo Essay
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August Email Update
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In this issue, we feature a single mother
struggling to care for her own school-age
children when three grandchildren
unexpectedly come under her roof.
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The Origin of the St. Nicholas Uganda Children's Fund
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Our students, having been given the opportunity for education,
are highly motivated to succeed.  They contend successfully for
employment while many young adults from the privileged classes
are still living in their parents’ big houses bemoaning the lack
of jobs in Uganda.  
Click on the picture below to meet seven of
our students who have shown remarkable entrepreneurial spirit.
Brenda - Nurse and Pharmacy Manager
How Uganda's History of Epidemics
Has Prepared it for COVID-19
Viral disease outbreaks are nothing new here. Uganda
has been in a health care emergency since 2018,
responding to outbreaks of Ebola, yellow fever,
measles, and the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever.  
Uganda also successfully contained the deadly Marburg
virus in 2017, limiting the outbreak to three deaths. Health
officials say that gives Uganda an advantage over
other countries in their fight against COVID-19.
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Antiochian Missions & Evangelism
Stories That Work - Interview
Peter and Sharon Georges, founders of the St. Nicholas
Uganda Children's Fund, join the show to share their
story of starting an overseas mission in retirement.