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Parents at Work - a Photo Essay
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In this issue we feature two students who joined
our program in primary school and have
overcome the challenges of their early life to achieve
     remarkable success in university and beyond.
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The Origin of the St. Nicholas Uganda Children's Fund
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Our single mums, dads, aunts, and grandparents struggle
to earn the equivalent of one or two dollars a day to
support their families.  They are entrepreneurial, creative,
and industrious, often working from dawn until long
after dusk, seven days a week.

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Juliet arranges the vegetables that she sells at the local outdoor market.
With the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns,
fifteen million children had their education interrupted due to
school closure.  The impact goes beyond education.  School is
more than a physical space for some children; it is a safe place
from violence. For others, it is a source of regular nourishment.  
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The Impact of COVID Lockdown
on Learners
With one of the youngest populations in the world, Uganda
was already struggling with high rates of child labour.  But
with the world now facing a wave of economic hardship,
in a single year the pandemic has set back any progress
made to reduce child labour by twenty years.
Child Labour in Uganda
The Hidden Costs of COVID