The St. Nicholas Uganda Children's Fund was founded in 2005 by Peter and Sharon Georges.  They
began paying school tuition for three orphans while they were working as Orthodox missionaries in 2003
and within two years the number of children they were assisting had grown to more than fifty.  Now in
its twelfth year, the Children's Fund is supporting over 250 children in school and provides additional
assistance to needy families.

As the number of sponsored children increased and Sharon and Peter became more involved with the
children's education, they realized that the need was greater than school fees, uniforms, lunches and
books.  Miserable living conditions seriously affect a child's ability to learn as well as jeopardize his or her
general health.  In response, their assistance to struggling families became more extensive: improved
living quarters, beds, mattresses, sheets, blankets, mosquito nets, shoes, food staples, and health care.

Today, students are being sponsored in primary and secondary school, vocational and professional
training, and university.  Peter and Sharon are assisted by their Ugandan staff, Frank and Agnes, and
together the four of them nurture the children with love, advice, and discipline.  Young people who once
had no hope, now have the opportunity to become honest and productive citizens, breaking the cycle of
poverty and dependence that they were born into.

The St. Nicholas Uganda Children's Fund was incorporated as a non-profit organization in the U.S. in
2007 and as an NGO in Uganda in 2008.  Peter and Sharon devote themselves full-time to this ministry
without financial compensation.   
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